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about hugs & kisses

True story: Sewing machines used to scare me.

Once my son was born, I realized that I should pull out the sewing machine that had been buried in a closet for several years. I started with making a bib. And then a burp cloth. And a blanket. And a paci clip. And all of a sudden, hugs & kisses was born!

I became fascinated with sewing and fabric and all things baby. I mean, there's some really gorgeous fabric out there and inspiration to be found anywhere. Sewing soon became a therapeutic hobby for me. I'm a creative person by nature, so having that outlet to focus my creative energy on has been wonderful!

Since the shop's opening, it's matured and progressed into what it is today. I customize in diaper clutches, bibs and burp cloths. Most recently I've added some fun totes and clutches. Also you'll find some really great custom art pieces listed in the shop. Please take a look around hugs & kisses. I think you might like what you see.

{twitter} @becca7903